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Teton County Commissioners will consider further restrictions to the statewide shelter in place mandate at a special meeting on Wednesday morning, April 1 -- no fooling.

The meeting will start at 9 a.m. and while Commission Chair Cindy Riegel said that such an ordinance could be passed without a public hearing in the midst of an emergency declaration, the commission will take comment that morning. The call in number for open mic is 1-346-248-7799. The meeting ID is 470 529 264. Comments may also be sent to commissioners@co.teton.id.us.

The ordinance presented by Riegel seeks to eliminate non-essential construction in Teton County, Idaho as well as eliminate the ability to rent out short term rentals and VRBOs in the county. The new ordinance would also require visitors to Teton County to shelter in place for 14 days after their arrival. This would not apply to the cities.

The ordinance is similar to the one passed in Blaine County, Idaho where cases of the COVID-19 virus have seen the highest numbers in the state.

This would be a temporary ordinance that would align with the governor's statewide mandate running through April 15.

In a follow up call this evening, Riegel said that she would consider separating the construction out of the ordinance on Wednesday. She said she would consider placing non essential construction projects under the banner of a public notice that would further compel businesses to follow public health guidelines at worksites.


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