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JOURNEYMAN ELECTRICIAN WANTED Offering competitive wages, 401K, medical insurance, PTO, Transportation Assistance. $5,000.00 Signing bonus DOE Delcon Partners LLC is a Wyoming Drug Free Workplace Inquire in person, phone or website. 3520 South Park Drive, Jackson, Wyoming 83001 Ph: 307-733-2…


ESTATE SALE Selling 2nd home. All contents of house & garage must go. 4100 Teton View Lane, Wilson, WY Fri. 3pm Sat. 8am Sun. 9am Furniture, bunk beds, 2 King sets, TV's, Fine area rugs & runner's. A lot of tools, kitchen, house- wares, art Outdoor furniture, much more! 307-690-6777

Help Wanted

Education CERTIFIED OPENINGS FOR THE 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR .20 School Counselor Alta Elementary Applicants for teaching positions must have or be able to obtain a Wyoming Teaching Certificate with an endorsement in the subject area that they are applying for. After School Coordinator Alta El…


If you are struggling with weight gain, digestive issues, or fatigue and want to learn how to get and stay healthy, this opportunity is for you. Barrels and Bins and Your Way Wellness invite you to join us for a 14 day opportunity to adjust and optimize your body's ability to process and ass…