I'm guessing none of you have asked the above question before, probably because you assumed such a weather warning didn't exist. 

I was also under that impression until a blog reader from Seattle asked me why Vancouver, B.C. is under a "rainfall warning" right now. This intrigued me and I thought I'd share my answer here.

Environment Canada, the Canadian weather service, isn't so different than ours, but the "rainfall warning" is the only public statement that might sound a little strange to us.

This is usually issued when significant rainfall totals are expected in a certain area. In the United States, these concerns are usually addressed by one of the following:

  • Flood Watch
  • Flood Advisory
  • Flood Warning
  • Special Weather Statement

So we basically have the same system, it's just worded a little differently. 

Rest assured, neither the Canadian or U.S. weather service's will need to post any precipitation advisories or warnings in the Teton Valley because we are headed the opposite direction.

Weather models have trended sunnier (knew it!) for the next couple days, so expect decreasing clouds tonight, followed by a mostly sunny day for your Thursday. Highs will be in the mid 50s. So, in other words, a good 10 degrees warmer than today.

Friday will be similar, although we'll throw in a few extra clouds for good measure. Highs will remain in the mid 50s.

A weak system moves through the region late Friday night, bringing light rain or rain/snow to the valley for the weekend. 

But don't worry. We're still not looking at any "rainfall warnings" around here :)

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