There were 184 calls to the Sheriff’s office from Mon., Dec. 24, through Sun., Dec. 30.

Shoplifting was reported at Broulim’s. A woman thought that her purse had been stolen, but she had simply misplaced it.

Broulim’s reported a counterfeit $100 bill. The cashier marked the bill and the woman who had tried to use it left the store with it.

A woman with paranoid schizophrenia had not taken her medication. She was talking a lot and her downstairs neighbor complained. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is aware of the situation.

A man reported that his ex-wife who had come to his house for a custody exchange, had taken a handful of sleeping pills and may have been driving. An ambulance transported her to Teton Valley Health Care. She was then released into her parents’ custody.

A man reported finding an unfamiliar padlock on his storage unit. The manager initially denied placing the new padlock on the unit and then admitted to putting it there.

A resident in Creekside Meadows complained that snowmobiles were pulling sleds on the development’s open space area. The party was informed that this was permitted.

Underage drinking and sexual intercourse was reported in a car on Stateline Road. The parents of the two sixteen-year-olds were notified.

A house burglary was reported near Sorenson Creek. The owners returned to their second home to find a big screen television, skis, boots, a coffee maker and other items missing.

A woman reported that she was out running errands with her children and when she returned to her home, the house smelled like marijuana. Her husband suggested that it may have been a skunk.

A dog bit a woman on her left calf. She was walking near her home in Victor when the dog came out and bit her without warning. The owner said that the dog was current on his rabies shots.

A large group of people partying woke up a neighbor who reported the disturbance to the sheriff’s office. A deputy responded and the group said that they would keep it down.

A possible DUI was reported coming down Piney Creek Pass into Teton County. The reporting party had helped pull the driver out of the snow bank on the pass, but said that he seemed drunk. The reporting party called the sheriff’s office as soon as they had cell phone service. A check on the license plate found that the suspect had been given a DUI citation in Teton County, Wyo. in October. He was located, stopped and taken into custody for a second DUI.

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Robo fue reportado en Broulims. Una mujer pensó que su monedero, había sido robado pero simplemente lo había perdido.

Broulims relató un billete de banco de $100 falsificada. El cajero marcó el billete de banco y la mujer que había tratado de usarlo dejó la tienda con ello.

Una mujer con la esquizofrenia paranoide no había tomado su medicación. Hablaba mucho y el vecino abajo se quejó. El ministerio de la salud mental de adultos es consciente de la situación.

Un hombre informó que su ex esposa que había venido a casa para un intercambio de custodia, había tomado un puñado de pastillas para dormir y puede haber esta de conduciendo. Una ambulancia le transportó al hospital de Teton Valley. Luego fue liberada a la custodia de sus padres.

Un hombre informó de que había encontrado un extraño candado en su unidad de almacenamiento. El manager inicialmente negó haber puesto el nuevo candado en la unidad y, a continuación, admitió a colocarlo allí.

Un residente en Streamside Lane en Creekside Meadows se quejó que las motos para la nieve tiraban trineos en el área del espacio abierto del desarrollo. El partido fue informado que esto se permite.

Beber y sexo por menores de edad se reportaron en un coche en la carretera Stateline Road. Los padres de los dos niños de 16 años fueron notificados.

Se informó de un robo de casa cerca de Sorenson Creek. Los propietarios regresaron su segundo hogar para encontrar que faltaban un televisor de pantalla grande, esquís, botas, una cafetera y otros elementos.

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