Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real (POTR), came to rock the Knotty Pine Supper Club in Victor. This working class band does not play to their celebrity heritage, but play to bring the house down, proving their name: A promise of real musicians playing their heart and soul to the audience. For two nights in a row, Lukas and POTR brought a mix of sounds rocking into the night. 

The band consists of Lukas Nelson, the lead guitarist and vocalist; Corey McCormick, a very talented bassist; Anthony LoGerfo, the drummer; and the percussionist Tato Melgar.  Each one, talented in their own right, adds important elements to each song. Depending on the song, they go from calypso jazz to Texas roadhouse blues bringing their own form of rock. You can tell they have heart as their spirit is shared with the audience through their lyrics, their sound and overall presence. Not to mention, that their tour bus runs on bio-diesel, showing their heart extends beyond the realm of just music.

With a variety of vintage guitars and basses, the exhilaration of the performance kept everyone moving with a sort of honky tonk swing highlighted by stage aerobatics. Their covers are as masterful as their own songs: fun, touching and, well, real. One Pearl Jam cover, “Just Breath,” almost brought tears to my eyes. As I looked at Lukas, there it was. One tear gleaming in the lights. My friend leaned over and informed me that the song was played as a tribute to a dear friend of theirs who recently passed away. Each song holds your full attention, and you start to lose yourself in dance. The next thing you know, Lukas is playing his guitar with his teeth and tongue, leading Corey into rocking out a solo on one of his handsome basses. With gritty, flawless bass, guitar and percussion along with inviting vocals, the shows spanned their entire discography, while a few provided a preview of their new album “Love Yourself “ to be released June of this year. 

The first night’s show was so powerful they had to add another night. Both performances provided outlets to a variety of emotions, having everyone jiving and singing, reminiscing and giving hope for what is to come. Let me just say, they bring the heat. There’s something about the sweat-ridden bandana’d hair, or the stunning half smile appearing across a face lost in its own sonic world that started steaming up the place. With each stroke down the guitar strings, riff on the bass and crash on the drums the temperature rose, and we did with it, captivated by the world of rock they built around us. By the end of both nights the whole place was left drenched in sweat. Having never seen them before, I give you this promise. Soon I will own every one of their albums and memorize every song. 

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