The Teton County Idaho Sheriff’s office, Tri-County SWAT, Teton County Fire and Teton County Ambulance responded to an armed woman who allegedly threatened suicide by cop early Sunday morning in Victor, Idaho.

Teton County Sheriff Tony Liford said he was notified around 5:15 a.m. Sunday after a 911 call was made to Teton County Wyoming. A woman was parked in a van outside a residence in Victor. The woman’s mother made the 911 call from Teton County Wyoming and said her daughter was in Teton County Idaho.

Liford said the woman had a law enforcement background. Threatening suicide by cop means the person was deliberately acting in a threatening way to provoke a lethal response.

Liford, along with Chief Deputy Rick Henry, a sergeant and the deputy on patrol staged at the Victor Gateway gas station with members of Fremont County SWAT who were first to respond from Tri-County, Teton County Fire and Ambulance. The group then moved and located the woman parked outside of a home in Victor.

They were then able to get into the home of a neighbor where they could see the woman in her van.

Liford said the woman knew the resident of the house she was parked outside of and it was not a random incident. The resident of that house was in contact with law enforcement and was able to get out of the home and inside the neighbor's home with law enforcement personnel.

After some observation, a Freemont SWAT officer moved on the woman and took her to the ground. A handgun was found in the van.

The woman was taken to Teton Valley Hospital then transferred to a hospital in Idaho Falls and is under mental health observation. She remains in custody on a mental hold, said Liford.

Liford said after doctor evaluations it will be determined if she’ll be moved to the state’s mental health hospital. She’ll have the right to go before a judge, who will determine if she can be released or held at a state institution.

No charges have been filed.

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