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Redskins mascot will stay for now

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Posted: Tuesday, July 9, 2013 7:18 am | Updated: 11:53 am, Mon Jun 23, 2014.

After more than 3.5 hours of often highly-passionate testimony opposing the elimination of Redskins as the Teton High School mascot, Superintendent Monte Woolstenhulme recommended the school district take more time to listen to all points of view.

"I have to listen," said Woolstenhulme, at the conclusion of the testimony. "I would be an idiot not to listen. I'm not better than anybody else. Nothing is saying we have to do this now."

"I appreciate those that attended the school board meeting and shared their opinion about the high school mascot issue," said Woolstenhulme, in a statement issued after the July 8 meeting. "While it is an emotional and passionate one, I've received feedback from many on both sides of the issue, those in favor and those opposed to the change.

"After listening to comments shared tonight, and taking lots of direct feedback since June 10, I agree that how the decision was made could have been handled better."

Woolstenhulme recommended taking more time to review the issue, "making sure we gather community involvement and outreach to those closely tied to Teton High School and the Redskins mascot, and those that it represents: Native Americans and especially the Tribal leadership in Idaho."

Only three of the 67 who testified spoke in favor of eliminating the moniker, with two neutral. The remaining 62 spoke in defense of the name Redskins. Most cited heartfelt honor, pride, respect, dignity, tradition and heritage behind the use of the name.

Read the complete story in the July 11 edition of the Teton Valley News, including detailed testimony and video excerpts from the meeting.

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  • miss sadie posted at 9:05 pm on Sun, Jul 21, 2013.

    miss sadie Posts: 1

    well, I lived in Arco Idaho and had the Butte County Pirates, then I moved to Driggs and was a proud Redskin.. Schools are PROUD of there mascots and will defend their mascot to the end of time. I now live in Utah and am a VERY PROUD UTAH UTE fan.. I truly believe that the REDSKIN mascot was never meant to be derogatory to the Native Americans and as such the school used that name proudly. OH, I also know some high school graduates that are called the VIKINGS and darn proud of it. I know BYU COUGAR fans also.. I don't know why there is the big yahoo over this. to me to be a mighty Redskin,
    Ute, Cougar,Pirate,etc is an awesome privilege.



  • ProNative posted at 3:48 pm on Fri, Jul 12, 2013.

    ProNative Posts: 15

    The racist mascot will stay for now, but will be gone sooner than you think. FYI, behind closed doors, your mascot is gone, the decision has been made months ago. Your little speeches to the board where for show only, sorry.

  • just me posted at 5:21 pm on Thu, Jul 11, 2013.

    just me Posts: 2

    Honor, pride, dignity, respect. These characteristics all make a great foundation to build the name of a high school mascot.

    But how can anyone say that the "Redskins" name reflects those sentiments, and then tell our offended Native American tribes to shut up and go pound sand? How is that being respectful of a culture and race? Essentially, that's like saying "We honor and respect you, now go crawl back under your moron rock."

    It used to be okay to tell women that their place was in the home and not the business world, call grown black men "boy", forbid women and people of color an education, and refuse service based on your personal prejudices. If you yearn for those olden days, there may be a well-armed compound that would welcome you with open arms.

    It's not "political correctness" to become aware of one's prejudices and work to become more accepting and inclusive. That should be everyone's goal.

  • Rebel60 posted at 3:55 pm on Thu, Jul 11, 2013.

    Rebel60 Posts: 7

    Sho-Ban high school needs to change its mascot.

  • Gringo posted at 6:29 am on Wed, Jul 10, 2013.

    Gringo Posts: 1

    ''Most cited heartfelt honor, pride, respect, dignity, tradition and heritage behind the use of the name.''

    Interesting that dignity and respect are the arguments used for keeping a racist mascot. Also interesting that Mr. Woolstenhulme is apparantly more concerned about his future politcal career than to do what is right and rid our community of this completely out of place mascot.

  • ProNative posted at 11:50 am on Tue, Jul 9, 2013.

    ProNative Posts: 15

    It's time to educate all you uneducated WHITE racists on this issue. NO TRUE NATIVE sees this racist word REDSKIN as an honor. You will never see a tribal government honor anything WHITE. If this is an honor, it must be for the REAL AMERICAN WARRIORS, THE NATIVE WARRIORS, that defended our tribal lands against the WHITE INVADERS and your U.S. Government during the Indian Wars. Natives celebrate VICTORY and YOUR DEFEAT at Little Bighorn. We spit on your General Custard and your WHITE RACE! We will never forget what your race tried to do, exterminate our race. You WHITES are so stupid for honoring your enemy. We as REAL AMERICANS will never honor you for anything! NATIVES condemn you for your dishonor. There will always be bad blood between our races. Your Manifest Destiny was a declaration of war on NATIVE AMERICA! You WHITES are so dishonorable, you could never honor our sacred culture, when your kids dress in our sacred image, THAT IS DISHONOR! Why would we give you WHITES anything, when your kind just takes what it wants.

  • Hayduke posted at 10:06 am on Tue, Jul 9, 2013.

    Hayduke Posts: 36

    And this is why my kids will be going to the Community School. . . . . .