Grand Teton Vodka is still in its infancy stages, and already it is winning top prizes from one of the nation’s leading reviewers.

The Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago gave the potato vodka, distilled in Driggs, a ranking of 94, surpassing Glacier with an 88 and Grey Goose with an 86.

“They gave us a Gold Medal and a Best Buy designation,” said Bill and Lea Beckett, who run the distillery north of Driggs.

The ranking, posted on, the web site of the BTI, sets the local vodka at an exceptional level, garnering it the International Review of Spirits Gold Medal.

“Clear. Bright aromas and flavors of nougat, custard and pound cake with a silky, dryish medium body and a super smooth, dried fruit and delicate spice and mineral finish,” said the review at “A fantastically smooth and flavorful vodka for sipping or martinis.”

“It was also designated a Best Buy,” said Lea Beckett, who runs the distillery with husband Bill. “Grand Teton Vodka was the highest ranked vodka made in the continental USA. Other similarly-ranked vodkas were all imports.”

The vodka sells for $18.30 for a 750 ml bottle in Idaho.

Grand Teton Vodka is distilled from Idaho potatoes and local water, and is available in state liquor stores in limited quantities for now.

Lea said the award will help “get distributors to pick us up for nationwide distribution.”

Visit for more information on the local drink.

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